Orchids after long absence

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Orchids Ater An Absence


I have been absent after an accident  but I am recovering. Basically I was run over by a car while on my bike. I was unconscious for a month.


above: epidendrum, dendrobium farmerii, cattleya violacea and gramatophylum scriptum.




Cattleya Dowiana var. Aurea

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Bulbophyllum Vaginatum

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Cattleya Gaskelliana concolor

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Grammatopyllum Scriptum

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I had one of these in Caracas that used to grow as many as ten branches. Bought this when I arrived in 2011 and this is the first interesting flowering of this plant.

Laelia Tenebrosa

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Very nice Laelia Tenebrosa, which always impacts people because of its contrasts in color. First flowering.

Cattleya Violacea “MO”

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I am alive. I simply moved again and my plants took some time in adapting and this is the first time that I have more than one plant in flower. This is my Cattleya Violacea from Venezuela, which I identify as MO, not because it has any price, but because it was my best and won a few awards there. WE even made a crossing with the “Muse” that we will see how it works out.

Here in Florida Violaceas grow much more vigorously and larger than in Caracas. This is by far the best flowering of this plant ever.The picture is actually late, the flowers are getting old, but it is still a fantastic flower.

Cattleya Lueddemanniana Giorgio x Frances

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Extraordinary Cattleya Lueddemanniana Giorgio x Frances. First flowering, very delicate with flares too, solid lip.

Bulbophyllum Laxiform

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This cute little Bulbophyllum is the first interesting thing to flower in my orchid room in a long time. Was not easy to take the close ups of the flowers they are like transparent and very hard to focus on them. The pot is a three inch pot to give you some scale

Cattleya Violacea S1

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First flowering ever for this Violacea I brought from Venezuela, great shape, so so lip, nice color, but a little small, let’s hope it gets bigger as the plant grows.