Cattleya Violacea HR1

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First flowering ever for this Violacea I bought here

Cattleya Jenmanii Jaspe x Juruma

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Myrmecophila Atropurpurea

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Dendrobium Hawaiian Mini Stripes

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Dendrobium Chan Chua

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den1 den2

After two years of moving my orchids, for the first time I am getting a few flowering at the same time, like this antelope Dendrobium, although this one is new

Cattleya Violacea

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This is the second flowering of my Cattleya Violacea which I brought from home. The first one was not very good, this on is much, much better, almost as good as in Caracas

Cattleya Walkeriana Canabra x C. Walkeriana Venosa “Aurora”

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Equitant Oncidium (Tolumnia)

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These do very well in Florida, this was the only one I brought from home.

Equitant Oncidium (Tolumnia) Spunky Spots

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It has been a while. Essentially now I have on tenth of the orchids I used to have and more than half I brought from home and are finally getting used to the new environment. Today I post four pictures, two from plants I brought from home, two from plants I got here.

Dendrobium Samarai x Dendrobium Blue Sparkle

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I love these Antelope type Dendrobia. I had a lot of them, but when I moved I was advised not to take them because it was easy to find them in the US. Well, no such luck, I used to have all but two of the species and have been able to replace about six only. This one is a hybrid, Den. Samarai x De. Blue Sparkle.

When I went to Singapore to the World Ochid Conference, I tried to buy some, but they also had few. They had lots in the exhibits, but not for sale. Their explanation: people don’t want them, the plants get too big!

I want them!